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Posted by Lisbon Hideaway on Tue January 15, 2019 in Our Venue .

8 Historical Hotels South Africa
#5 Moffat House - Lisbon Hideaway

In Graskop we found accommodation in a charming old cottage built in the the late 1800s (it’s thought to be 1883 – before Johannesburg was even established). Moffat House was built by the eponymous Mr Moffat, a stonemason and prospector. The Flischmans, current owners, gained insight into the heritage of this humble home from a Mr Andries Wilken who grew up in Moffat House in the 1940s. According to him, the house was used as a mining office in the 1930s. After the gold price dropped and nearby gold fields were exhausted, the Transvaal Gold Mine Estate moved the offices to nearby Pilgrim’s Rest. Over the years, it was home to several miners, before becoming the affordable self-catering guest accommodation it is today. The spacious cottage sleeps
two, with a fireplace in an open-plan lounge, and a gloriously sunny day-bed area. My hostess Phillicity Flischman kindly took me on the trail to Lisbon Falls and showed me the route to the
bottom, which was even more magical than the viewpoint from the top.