Graskop Hiking Trails

Posted by Lisbon Hideaway on Sat November 7, 2015 in Our Town.

There are numerous spectacular hiking trails around Graskop.

We have some of the most amazing scenery our country has to offer here on the Panorama Route.  If you take a couple of minutes to go and explore one of our hiking trails you will see what we are talking about.

The question to ask before departure:  Is the hiking trail I have seen on the internet or the one my friend told me about still open to the public?

The answer: Contact one of the 3 Info's in Graskop.  They have the most updated information regarding the hiking trails and they will also be able to provide you with hiking permits where necessary.

* Graskop Info (situated in Pilgrim's Street) +27 (0)13 7671833

* Panorama Info (situated in Louis Trichardt Street) +27 (0)13 7671377

* Trips SA (situated in Louis Trichardt Street) +27 (0)13 7671886

**For a map of our town go to our Blog and under Graskop you will find the Graskop Map**